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Advantages of Engaging 

a Property Manager

Rochester Property Management

When a decision is made to invest in real property, the maximization of value and return are important objectives for the investor. In order to achieve these results, a professional team must be assembled to coordinate all Management issue and services.

The ability to have a team of administrative, leasing, accounting, maintenance and management professionals at your disposal 24 hours a day is an invaluable asset.  The complications of Landlord/Tenant Laws, rules and regulations can be difficult and expensive to navigate for the real estate investor.

As a self-managed real estate investor, you will quickly realize the acquisition of a professional team and partner will generally pay for itself on a regular basis in quantity, quality and recouping valuable Client time.

When the need arises for a single source solution for your single or multi-property portfolio, PCP would like to become your business partner.


PCP will act as your representative with all parties in a property management scenario to assure the maximization of asset value and cash flow for our Clients.


PCP will handle the entire tenant acquisition process, enter into leases as the Owners Agent, and coordinate the move-in process along with providing 24-hr response to the tenants. The PCP team is also available to provide quotations for maintenance and turnover renovations upon request. All third party vendors will be qualified and managed on behalf of the Client. PCP will send a detailed monthly statement summarizing all rents received and disbursements by the 20th day of the month.


PCP will also conduct a thorough inspection of the property upon commencement of the Management Contract, and provide a detailed list of recommendations to keep the property in maximum operating condition. PCP will review the recommendations with the Client and agree on a prioritization which works with the Clients cash flow.


If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us.

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